Fortune magazine ran an article in December 2009, about the curious case of a collection of high tech venture capital firms (VC’s) investing in a new gold-buying service called Cash4Gold.

Cash is King – Even More So in a Recession

Cash4Gold has a simple operation model – you post them gold and they post you back a cheque. Such a service was historically the domain of pawn shops or low end gold merchants.

From the original Fortune article:

With the price of gold hitting new highs, it’s hardly surprising that pawnshops are flourishing. Cash4Gold claims to be the first such service to operate fully online; indeed, its backers include a handful of tech venture capital firms, including Luxembourg-based Mangrove Partners (an early backer of Skype) and Boston’s General Catalyst and Highland Capital Partners.

Certainly an interesting new business model fit for the times – “.. time to hit them hills”.

Prospector‘ by ToOliver2 via Flickr
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Everybody knows that getting free pictures into your blog posts is complicated. Searching, resizing and then making sure you correctly follow the image license conditions is a real headache.

Sprixi removes all the pain and just works.

A simple example below shows a picture that I was able to find, re-size and create HTML links to within only a few seconds all while still maintaining all the required licensing conditions.

The usability of the Sprixi website is very well done and certainly a credit to their engineering team.

Look what I caught

Look what I caught‘ by Monroe’s Dragonfly via Flickr
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Look what I caught
Look what I caught‘ by Monroe’s Dragonfly via Flickr
Image is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

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11 September 2009

I spent some time recently reviewing the 40+ emerging technology companies showcased as part of the DEMO 09 alumni. Reviewing the DEMO alumni list from any of the past years is certainly a worth while investment of time as any company on the list has been selected by a panel of industry experts and then [...]

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10 September 2009

Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) is hosting an industry event titled “How to commercialise video?” here in Sydney in September 2009.
From the event description I expect that the focus will be on streaming video (via the web or mobile phone). Part of the motivation for this focus comes from a recent Nielsen report that [...]

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Raising Capital and Accelerating Growth In A Declining Economy

2 September 2009

The NSW Department of Industry and Investment will be running a free workshop on the 3rd of September at the CSIRO Riverside Corporate Park.
The description of the workshop provided is:
Hosted By: NSW Department of Industry and Investment
03 Sep 2009 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
CSIRO, Riverside Corporate Park, Julius Avenue, North Ryde, 2113
Region: Sydney – Metro
Theme: [...]

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